Your PS5 could actually be making you healthy, says science

Got a PS5 for Christmas? You probably earned it. Maybe not in terms of your production at the office or by hitting your KPIs in housework, but in terms of health and fitness, there’s a good chance you’re in decent shape.

That’s right, the stereotype of gamers as pale, slovenly creatures who inhabit dark, squalid basements, chain-vaping amid a pile of empty beer bottles, has taken a hit thanks to a new study from the Queensland University of Technology. It found Esports players are up to 21 per cent healthier than the general population.

The study of 1400 gamers in 65 countries also found Esports players drink and smoke less than the general population. Fitness among elite gamers shows physical activity could influence Esports performance, the researchers say.

Your PS-5 could actually be making you healthy, says science Credit: Men’s Health

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