Woolworths supermarket shopper’s warning to check receipts after checkout fail

A Woolworths customer has warned shoppers to check their receipts after discovering a series of concerning discrepancies on a recent docket.

The Victorian customer said his friend was shocked to learn that he’d been overcharged $27 on four different fruit and vegetable items.

Sharing a photo of the receipt on Facebook, it appears that the disputed items had been weighed incorrectly, which resulted in the inflated prices.

A closer look shows that the shopper had been charged for 1.162kg of lemons instead of 247g and 1.972kg of eggplants instead of 432g.

The customer had also been overcharged for chillies and tomatoes.

A Woolworths spokesperson has told that the supermarket has taken responsibility for the “incredibly rare” error.

The shopper said his friend was overcharged $27 dollars on four fruit and vegetable items Credit: Facebook

“My friend did some grocery shopping at Woolies on Thursday [where] Woolies staff facilitated the checkout and printed the receipt.

“My friend paid the bill, but [afterwards] he sensed that the bill amount he paid was not right.

“He decided to go through the bill and check the items he paid for.

“When he took a look at his bill, he found he has paid more than $27 extra. Surprisingly he found discrepancies with many grocery items.”

The man went on to say that his friend had the difference refunded and received an apology from the store manager, but he was baffled how such a mix-up could happen.

The shopper received an apology from the store manager over the checkout incident. File image.
The shopper received an apology from the store manager over the checkout incident. File image. Credit: JOEL CARRETT/AAPIMAGE

“I am still wondering how is it possible to get over charged for an item that is weighed?” he asked.

“As we know the computer flashes the price on the screen against the weighed item.”

A Woolworths spokesperson has apologised for the incident.

“We take great pride in offering our customers a positive experience in our stores and are disappointed that wasn’t the case on this occasion,” the spokesperson said.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this error and have refunded the overcharged amount.

“Incidents like this are incredibly rare and we’ve reiterated the importance of accurately scanning to our team at the store.”

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