Woolworths supermarket shopper spots huge change to trolleys in Scan&Go stores

A Woolworths shopper has spotted an exciting change to the supermarket’s trolleys.

The Queensland customer revealed in a Facebook post that shopping carts at his local store were now fitted with mobile phone holders.

The clever mount allows shoppers to look at the phone while roaming around Woolworths, which is especially handy while using a shopping list on the device.

A Woolworths spokesperson has confirmed to that trolleys with mobile phone mounts could now be found at selected stores.

“At Woolworths we’re always looking at ways to bring new and convenient shopping experiences to our customers,” the spokesperson said.

“The mobile phone holders were introduced in stores with Scan&Go technology to help customers easily scan products with their smartphone as they walked through the store and paid through the app.

Woolworths confirmed that mobile phone holders can now be found on trolleys in selected stores. Credit: Supplied

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