Woman in Kenya sues the father of her child for not marrying her after 8 years together

A woman has sued her boyfriend – who is also the father of her child – for not marrying her after eight years together.

Gertrude Ngoma told a court in Zambia, Africa, that she was tired of waiting to get married to her partner, Herbert Salaliki.

Ngoma, 26, was still living with her parents, and the child they’d had together, but Salaliki, 28, lived in a separate home, Kenyan news outlet Tuko reports.

She told a court she doubted her partner’s loyalty, claiming she had discovered he was having sexual relations with another woman.

Ngoma said her boyfriend had promised to wed her – but the proposal had never materialised.

Dowry paid

In Zambia, husbands-to-be often pay a dowry to the family of their intended bride.

It’s called lobola, or an “appreciation fee”, and it is intended as a sign that he will look after his wife well.

Ngoma said her partner had made the dowry payment but had not gone through with marrying the mother of his child, whose age has not been revealed.

A woman has sued her boyfriend of eight years for not marrying her. File image. Credit: Prasert Krainukul/Getty Images

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