Voters support more public education funds

Most Australians support more funding for public schools, the Australian Education Union says.

The union is ramping up its campaign for school funding, releasing the new survey as officials head to Parliament House in Canberra.

The survey of 1200 people revealed more than 80 per cent think increasing public school funding should be a priority at the next federal election.

AEU federal president Correna Haythorpe says the union will be active across Australia to ensure schools get the money they need to help students.

“It is public schools that make the significant difference in the lives of Australian children, helping to level the playing field, overcome disadvantage and achieve excellence for all,” she said.

A primary school principal from Victoria, Lisa Branch, said any extra funds would go towards helping students who need specialist support, and to help parents set up home learning.

“Additional funding would also be useful to extend our classes teaching parents how to cope with anxiety in their children; what to do if their child is ‘school refusing’; how important nutrition is with regard to brain development, and what screen time can do to children’s minds,” she said.

Queanbeyan Primary Principal’s Council president Danny Scott said any extra funds would go towards helping teachers.

“With better federal funding in our schools, we would get a higher level of teacher retention,” he said.

“If we are able to support teachers to become more capable when in working with students, we would be able to promote teachers, and more importantly, we will be able to keep them in the profession.”

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