Victorian security guard who stopped German coronavirus quarantine flouters named as Claudio Cominotto

The Victorian security guard who stopped two German coronavirus quarantine flouters running free in Melbourne has been named as Claudio Cominotto.

The Wilson security worker is being hailed a hero after he caught the two travellers at Melbourne’s airport.

They had arrived in Sydney on Saturday from Germany before boarding a domestic flight to Melbourne.

“If it wasn’t for a security officer at that point of time, they could have gone anywhere, and that’s what scares us at the moment – so we’re very lucky to have got them at that stage,” Wilson Security’s Peter Mika said.

The 54-year-old woman and 15-year-old boy had not completed their mandatory 14-day quarantine in NSW as required.

Upon arrival into the Victorian capital, it was the security staff member who caught the pair.

Premier Daniel Andrews said the employee noticed something was awry and raised the alarm.

This led to more than 175 of the travellers’ close contacts being thrust into self-isolation.

The hero security guard Claudio Cominotto. Credit: 7NEWS

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