Victorian health experts still stumped by Delta strain after all four working theories disproved

Victorian authorities have warned residents that although lockdown restrictions are easing, they are no closer to pinpointing the source of the Delta virus strain spreading in the community.

Last week, health experts revealed there was a second virus strain affecting two Melbourne families that wasn’t related to the original Whittlesea outbreak.

Genomic sequencing showed the case was from a man in hotel quarantine, but how the virus spread to two Melbourne families who never came into contact with him is still a mystery.

On Thursday, Deputy Chief Health Officer Professor Allen Cheng told media that all four working theories on how the families had contracted the virus had been disproved.

“We’re not coming up with a transmission path between this case in hotel quarantine and either of the families,” Cheng said.

“So while it’s the judgement of the public health team that we are in a position to ease restrictions we are by no means out of the woods yet.”

It’s part of the reason authorities are requiring citizens to continue wearing masks in outdoor settings, which is a slight change to the original road map out of lockdown.

Deputy Chief Health Officer Allen Cheng. Credit: AAP

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