US-based neo-Nazi organisation The Base targeting recruits in Australia

Western Australia has become the latest Australian target of a neo-Nazi organisation based in the United States.

The right-wing hate group, called The Base, is being investigated by the FBI and has been branded as a terror group in Canada.

Covert recordings show they’re pushing ahead with a recruitment drive in Perth.

The group’s Russian-based leader is Rinaldo Nazzaro.

A recruiter has reached out to a potential new member in Perth’s northern suburbs.

In an audio recording, the recruiter says: “What do you think you could contribute to The Base?”

The applicant, who hides behind the codename Will T. Power, answers: “I’m pretty much a foot soldier.”

The recruiter says, “We have barely a toe-hold right now in Australia – and we need to change that to a foot-hold.”

Targeting the fringes

The recruitment drive has targeted the extreme fringes of other right-wing groups in WA.

They want people with weapons training and access to firearms.

In the audio recording, the recruiter asks, “What is your physical fitness level?”

The applicant responds: “I know how to f**k people up with minimum physical exertion.”

Neo-Nazi hate group The Base have started trying to recruit people in Australia. Credit: 7NEWS

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