Tyler Michelle Hingst banned from coming within 250 metres of Prime Minister Scott Morrison

A woman has been banned from going near Prime Minister Scott Morrison after allegedly being involved in a protest in which paint was thrown on his car.

Tyler Michelle Hingst, 19, faced a Brisbane court for the first time on Tuesday after being charged with public nuisance over her alleged involvement in the October protest.

The headline-grabbing demonstration saw the Prime Minister ambushed by protesters campaigning for refugee rights while visiting the University of Queensland.

He had to be escorted from the campus in a police car after his was covered in red paint by the protesters.

Hingst was granted bail which includes conditions that she does not go within 250 metres of the Prime Minister at any time.

Paint was thrown on Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s car during a visit to the University of Queensland in October.  Credit: 7NEWS

She must also “not attend any location where the prime minister of Australia is conducting a media event, publicity event or any official business”.

Her case has been adjourned until February 3.

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