Twelve iPhone features you probably don’t know about, but should be using

We were impressed when Apple launched the iPhone 12 family, and especially loved the spectacular cameras and modern design.

And there’s so much these smartphones can do that you may have overlooked, be it a preloaded app that you tossed to the side or an easy way to create a PDF.

That’s why we’ve been hunting and finding great tips and tricks that are making us more productive with our iPhones.

And better yet, there’s no extra charge, as your iPhone can do these out of the box.

Tap with three fingers to undo or redo

Undo or redo typing with a three-finger tap. Credit: CNN

While it’s a known feature, it’s fair to say that “Shake to Undo” is sometimes forgotten.

Truthfully, it’s an easy way to go back a step and to undo text.

But now you can also tap with three fingers to “undo” or “redo” when in a text field. This is handy for messages, typing in a URL and even with emails.

Share a website as a PDF

Send an entire webpage as a PDF.
Send an entire webpage as a PDF. Credit: CNN

Yes, you can screenshot on an iPhone (just click the power button and volume up at the same time on models with Face ID, and power and home button for older models).

But you can also tap “Full Page” to have iOS capture the entirety of the webpage.

It’s a great way to share news articles, your favourite listicle or even a recipe.

From there, you can save it to your iPhone or share it in an email or message.

Your iPhone can be a tape measure

Measure nearly anything with this built-in app.
Measure nearly anything with this built-in app. Credit: CNN

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