TikTok user share’s her mum’s incredibly easy hack to remove stickers from items

It’s one of life’s little annoyances – when you take your newly purchased item home and then spend half an hour trying to get the price sticker off.

You know the drill – pick away at it until your fingernail breaks off, scratch at it like it’s the hidden panel on a Scratch n Win ticket, and only manage to get the edges off.

But one TikTok user may have ended that frustration forever by sharing her mum’s ingenious – and simple – sticker removal method.

The video has racked up millions of views since it was posted – proving it’s a problem LOTS of people are sick of dealing with.

“How did I not know about this? Did anyone else know?”, @Lexie_byers posted on TikTok.

“I have a life hack that is going to blow your mind.

Lexie Byers’ sticker removal hack has gone viral. Credit: TikTok/Lexie Byers

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