The Wiggles: Original Red Wiggle Murray Cook opens up about serious health scare

Original Red Wiggle Murray Cook has opened up about a major health scare which forced him to undergo open heart surgery.

The former children’s entertainer went under the knife earlier this month for the major operation in which doctors replaced a faulty aortic valve.

“They cut your chest open, they stop your heart, they deflate your lungs so you’re on a machine to pump blood around your body,” the 60-year-old told 7NEWS.

Former The Wiggles stars Greg Page, Anthony Field. Murray Cook, and Jeff Fatt Credit: Getty

Cook said he first noticed that something was wrong when he struggled to breathe while swimming.

“I noticed I couldn’t’ swim as far without getting breathless, I was swimming just four laps and I’d have to have a five minute break and that just seemed wrong,” he explained.

The star retired from The Wiggles in 2012 after two decades entertaining kids around the world.

His health scare comes just 11 months after fellow former founding bandmate Greg Page collapsed on stage at a bushfire relief concert and went into cardiac arrest.

The one-time Yellow Wiggle later underwent surgery for a coronary occlusion, a blockage of one of the major blood vessels to the heart.

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