Ten amazing reasons not to throw away those silica gel packets

There are so many uses for these packets. Silica gel packets are used to absorb moisture and keep things dry. You get them with a lot of things; new shoes, medicines, handbags.

But instead of throwing them in the bin, keep them so you can reuse them for the purposes they are intended.

Store them in your camera bag or any places your store your technology. They are great for keeping the moisture out of the electronics and help to prevent mould and mildew in your camera lenses.

Keep them for those times your phone gets wet. If it is a light splash, wipe it off and put in a sealable bag with the gel packets to dry. If you drop the whole thing in water do the same thing with lots of the silica gel packets, and leave for a few days. You can add rice into the packet for extra absorption. Don’t try to turn your phone on until a few days have passed.

If you have a heap of old photographs stored in boxes, put the gel packets in with them. It will help keep moisture at bay that will cause the prints to stick together, discolour and deteriorate. You can even store them in the back of the bookshelves where you have your photo albums, for the same purpose.

They are perfect at keeping musty smells away. Drop them in the back of your towel cupboard or in storage containers with blankets or clothing. They even work with old books, so if you have a favourite that has developed a smell, put both in a sealable bag and see what happens.

Place them in the back of your filing cabinets to protect the contents. Things like birth certificates and other important documents will be kept safe with this addition.

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