Sydney restaurateur responds to anger over refusal to comply with NSW mask mandate

A Sydney restaurateur has doubled down after his criticism of the mask mandate sparked a severe backlash, saying mental health was behind his decision to speak out.

But Love Crepe owner Nick Kondilis has apologised for implicating his staff in a social media post that claimed the mandate is a “crime against humanity”.

“Love Crepe believes that being forced to wear a mask is a crime against humanity,” the post on the restaurant’s Instagram account read on Tuesday.

The Drummoyne venue is closed on Thursday and Kondilis indicated he would not reopen until the backlash subsided.

He again took to social media to apologise for posting a picture of his staff with the anti-mask comment.

Inner-Sydney restaurant Love Crepe has made public its anti-mandatory mask stance in social media post. Credit: Instagram

“I just want to apologise to anyone who got offended. There was never any intent to offend anyone,” he said.

“I want to apologise to my staff. They’ve got nothing to do with this at all.

“I shouldn’t have used that photo. I apologise to my staff for putting them in that position.”

The restaurant has since been flooded with one-star reviews and angry comments.

Love Crepe owner Nick Kondilis.
Love Crepe owner Nick Kondilis. Credit: Instagram

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