Social media outrage after parents give baby ‘dangerous’ and ‘trashy’ manicure

Parents of a newborn baby have been slammed on social media after they posted a photo of a “trashy” and “dangerous” manicure they gave their child.

The anonymous couple shared a snap of their infant’s talons after they filed them into perfect shape.

Parents have been slammed on social media for giving their baby a manicure. Credit: Reddit

The photo has since been shared on Reddit where it has provoked outrage among fellow parents, with many concerned for the baby’s safety.

“Baby nails are sharp enough as it is, those things would tear your face right up,” one user wrote.

“More importantly, THE BABIES face,” [sic] another fumed. “An itchy eye could result in permanent blindness”.

But other users didn’t immediately see a problem with the manicure.

“When I first saw this I didn’t see an issue with it, because I was like what the heck, a baby can’t use its hands much anyway, and I guess that’s ol because I’m not a parent,” one confessed.

But having read more comments on the thread, this user changed their tune.

“Thanks for the little bit of insight! I learned something new today!” they added.

Watch the Sunrise Newsfeed panel discuss the controversy above

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