Snake catcher finds dozens of snake skins in roof of Gold Coast home

A snake catcher called out to a Gold Coast home has made a terrifying discovery – the shedded skins of more than 50 snakes in the roof, but not a single live one in sight.

Reid Newell from Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast was called out to the Currumbin home last week.

When he climbed into the roof he estimated that around 57 snake skins were there – but no live snakes.

Posting the pictures to the Snake Catchers Facebook page, Newell wrote: “Snake skins galore!”

“The owners of a property in Currumbin were shocked when they saw how many snake skins they had in their roof.

“These are just some of the skins that I pulled out of 7 x 7-metre roof space.

“How many skins can you see?”

Speaking to The Courier-Mail, Newell said the skins weren’t from one snake only, because there were skins from different types of snakes – including carpet pythons and common tree snakes.

But why were there no actual living snakes to be found?

Some of the skins pulled out of the roof of the Currumbin house. Credit: Facebook/Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast

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