Shannon Noll speaks after saving terrified international backpackers from huge snake

Shannon Noll has come to the rescue after a large snake slithered up to a group of backpackers outside his gig.

The Aussie singer was at The Hoey Moey pub in Coffs Harbour for his show on Tuesday when he noticed the unwelcome reptile terrorising the international visitors.

Watch Shannon Noll speak to Sunrise in the video above

Nollsie quickly leapt into action, wrangling and removing the reptile and moving it to a safe place.

It didn’t take long for video of the rescue to go viral online, with hundreds of thousands of views across multiple social media platforms.

“This big fella was trying to get into the show without a ticket,” Noll wrote on Instagram alongside a photo holding the carpet python.

“He was out the back of the @hoeymoey scaring the crap out of all the backpackers, so I moved him to a safe place where he won’t scare anyone! 👍🏻”

Appearing on Sunrise to chat about the rescue, Noll said it wasn’t his first time wrangling a snake.

“I’ve done it a couple of times mate, I’ve learned that [you should] just keep away from the sharp end mainly,” he said.

“I wouldn’t have been going anywhere near it if it was a brown or a taipan or anything like that.”

Noll said he chose to step in because the snake was giving the backpackers a “bit of a fright”.

“They had probably never seen anything like that,” he said.

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