Scott Morrison approaches milestones as PM

Scott Morrison is about to surge up the rankings of Australia’s longest-serving prime ministers.

Mr Morrison will in coming weeks have served a longer time in office than Labor legend Gough Whitlam before a series of milestones in coming months.

He will also pass predecessor Malcolm Turnbull, Labor’s Julia Gillard and former Liberal prime minister John Gorton, who led the country for three years and 59 days, before the end of the year.

That will take him to 13th overall with war-time Labor prime minister John Curtin in his sights if he serves a full term before calling the next election.

Mr Morrison said he wasn’t aware of the upcoming milestones but confirmed the poll, which is due between August and May, would be next year.

“In this job you focus on what you’ve got to do right now,” he told ABC radio on Thursday.

“Those decisions have a lasting legacy as prime minister on any decision you take each and every day.”

A coalition election victory would likely see the prime minister crack the top 10, surpassing Paul Keating and Ben Chifley in his next term.

If Mr Morrison could stay in charge until Christmas 2025, he would become the nation’s fourth longest-serving prime minister, behind Robert Menzies, John Howard and Bob Hawke.

Australia had five prime ministers last decade with Mr Morrison seizing power after a Liberal leadership spill in August 2018.

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