Russian girl, six, survives 12 metre fall from apartment balcony by landing in snow

Incredible footage has emerged of the moment a little girl in Russia plummets out of an apartment balcony, falling 12 metres to the ground.

Remarkably, she survived – thanks to the fact that she landed in a pile of snow.

Watch the incredible moment in the video above

The vision was captured in the Russian city of Tomsk and has quickly gone viral online.

The girl, six, was at home alone when the incident happened.

Security vision shows her plummeting from the balcony of her fourth-floor apartment, before shaking herself off, standing up and returning to her apartment.

The vision was captured last Saturday evening on CCTV.

It’s understood that a neighbour witnessed the incident and called an ambulance.

The little girl had received a concussion but was otherwise not seriously injured.

CCTV captured the moment a girl, 6, in Tomsk, Russia, fell 12 metres from a balcony and survived. Credit: Reddit

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