Reddit user walks out on husband in fancy restaurant over ‘disgusting’ act and goes home alone in Uber

A woman has revealed how she walked out on her husband after he committed an “embarrassing” act at an upmarket restaurant which lead to them being “kicked out” of the premises.

Sharing her story on Reddit, the wife said she’d planned the romantic meal for her husband as they hadn’t gone out alone for some time.

But when she arrived at the new restaurant, she was surprised to see that he’d agreed to babysit his 18-month-old niece and that she was joining them for the meal.

She said the night out soon went pear-shaped when the toddler started crying, attracting disapproving looks from the staff at the restaurant which was “not child friendly”.

However things went from bad to worse when the wife returned from the ladies room to find her husband changing his niece’s nappy at the dinner table – an act that lead to them being asked to leave the restaurant.

The wife said she was so angry with her husband over the evening, she took a separate Uber home – leading to tension in the marriage.

Tensions rose after the husband turned up with his infant niece to the restaurant date his wife had organised. File image. Credit: miodrag ignjatovic/Getty Images

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