Reddit user tells: ‘My mum wants my husband to sleep with her husband’

A daughter has spoken of her shock after her mother made a “disturbing” bedroom proposal involving her husband.

Sharing on Reddit, the woman said she recently discovered that her stepfather had become sexually attracted to her husband and had made several advances towards him.

She went on to say that her own mum knew about her husband’s urges towards her son-in-law, and was even encouraging them sleeping together.

While the woman said that she and her husband were bisexual and had a “loose” relationship, the thought of her spouse being intimate her with stepdad had left her feeling “disgusted” and “grossed out”.

In her post, the daughter said she was shocked when her husband told her that her stepfather had been pursuing him behind her back.

“My husband and I are both bisexual and have a very loose relationship,” she explained.

The Reddit user said her mother has encouraged her son-in-law and husband to sleep together. File image. Credit: Karl Tapales/Getty Images

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