Queensland couple has sudden wedding after being impacted by COVID for second time

There’s shotgun weddings … and now there’s COVID weddings.

Brisbane couple Michelle and Zac Woods were dumbstruck on Friday morning after learning they would have to cap their wedding the following day to 10 people.

And anyone there would have to wear a mask.

It hurt even more given the fact their nuptials in April last year were postponed to due to the first COVID-19 lockdown.

“I cried. I thought it was a joke,” Michelle told 7NEWS.

“I thought maybe in a few months we’d get married.”

But the resilient couple put the foot down and decided: no more waiting.

Married Brisbane couple Zac and Michelle Woods. Credit: 7NEWS

“I didn’t want to wait again. We already got cancelled once,” Zac said.

They called on their loved ones to turn Michelle’s family home in Clayfield into a wedding venue.

“The family were amazing,” she said.

“Everyone was just willing to give a hand.”

The couple wed at Michelle's family home in Brisbane.
The couple wed at Michelle’s family home in Brisbane. Credit: 7NEWS

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