Powerball Draw 1285: Hunt on for winner after player purchased ticket in Wagga Wagga

The hunt is on for one lucky Aussie who entered 2021 as a millionaire but they don’t know it yet.

The person from NSW was the only one to hold a winning division one ticket for Thursday night’s Powerball Draw 1285.

Lotto officials know the player, who scored more than $9.8 million, is from Wagga Wagga.

But because the ticket is unregistered, officials have no way of contacting them about their win.

“A Wagga Wagga resident or visitor is destined for a much more rewarding 2021 after pocketing more than $9.8 million tonight – they just need to check their ticket and realise they’re the multi-millionaire we’re searching for,” The Lott spokesman Matt Hart said.

“Surely becoming a multi-millionaire on New Year’s Eve would give you an extra reason to celebrate.

The hunt is on for the mystery winner. Credit: The Lott

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