Perth man’s message for woman who allegedly hurled racist abuse at him and pregnant partner

The couple who were allegedly subjected to shocking racial abuse at a Perth radiology clinic have spoken out.

Jay Shin and his partner were at a radiology clinic in Canning Vale on Monday when a woman allegedly told them to “p*** off back to China.”

Watch the confrontation in the video above

The pregnant woman recorded the moment she was allegedly abused while waiting for an ultrasound.

In the video, a woman can be heard telling the couple to “p*** off back to China.”

Jay responds: “Don’t tell me to get out of my own country … You just told me to get out of my own country, go back to where I come from … I was born here, mate.”

At the end of the video, Jay wrote: “I’m a third-generation Korean/Australian. Born and bred Aussie.”

“She called us a gook, she called us a nip, she called us Chinese,” Jay told 7NEWS.

“And the way she referred to us as Chinese was in an offensive way.”

Jay Shin speaks out about the racist abuse he and his pregnant partner received. Credit: 7NEWS

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