New mum allegedly ‘dumps’ three-month-old baby on Florida doorstep after ex-boyfriend breaks up with her

A new mother is accused of dumping her newborn son after her partner broke up with her.

Melissa Kelley, 33, is accused of leaving her three-month-old son on the front doorstep of Patricia Tillman, the mother of the ex-boyfriend’s new partner.

The baby was reportedly left in a dirty nappy at the front doorstep of Tillman’s house in Daytona, Florida, Lake County Sheriff’s Office said.

Kelley allegedly told Tillman, who she had never met, that her ex-boyfriend Clayton Zinck would collect the baby, Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

Police said Kelley rang the doorbell several times around 10.20pm local time on November 15.

Home security CCTV, released by police, appears to show the moment Kelley approaches the front porch of Tillman’s home with her baby in a carrier.

Home security video shows Kelley ringing the doorbell of Patricia Tillman’s home before allegedly abandoning her baby. Credit: Lake County Sheriff’s Office

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