Merrick Watts ruined by ‘unseen brutality’ of SAS Australia

Merrick Watts has lifted the lid on the ‘unseen brutality’ about competing on SAS Australia.

The Aussie comedian, who was one of the only three contestants to pass the gruelling course, has told 7NEWS.com.au that food deprivation was perhaps the most brutal aspect of the selection course.

“Food deprivation is an unseen brutality we lived with. We were always hungry,” Watts said after the show’s finale on Tuesday night.

“To be honest breakfast was gruel, it was just porridge.

“For lunch we had a bowl of soup, a bread roll and a mandarin (these were treated like gold) – and meat with rice or vegetables for dinner.

“No salt, no pepper, no sauces at any stage.”

To make matters worse for Watts and the other contestants, the rations were brutally cut down in the second week of filming, as the SAS Directing Staff looked to push the recruits to their absolute limits.

“In the second week it started becoming really spartan, we were definitely being calorie restricted,” Watts said.

Aussie comedian Merrick Watts has revealed the ‘grim’ reality about SAS Australia that almost everyone missed. Credit: Channel 7

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