Mark McGowan urges West Australians to buy a COVID mask to protect from mutant UK strain

WA Premier Mark McGowan has urged all West Australians to go out and buy a face mask to protect against a potential outbreak of the highly infectious “mutant” UK strain of COVID-19.

While much of the east coast has been masked-up for some time now, WA has remained largely mask-free.

But on Friday, for the first time since the pandemic began, McGowan urged WA residents to buy a reusable mask and have it on standby, “just in case” of an outbreak.

‘A new beast’

“My advice to every family and every household and every person across WA is to make sure you have a reusable mask,” he said, describing the UK variant of COVID as “a new beast.”

“Make sure you have one – go and buy one. They’re out there. You can get them.

“The government has millions on hand, should we need it … but I just urge everyone in the community, please go and buy a reusable mask, just in case.”

The comments come as National Cabinet agreed to make masks compulsory on all domestic flights and all domestic airports, including Perth Airport.

Mark McGowan is urging all West Australians to buy a reusable face mask. Credit: AAP

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