Libs to grill Vic MP about Trump views

Victorian Liberal MP Bernie Finn faces a grilling from party leaders after a social media post apparently supporting US President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of election fraud.

Senior Victorian Liberal David Davis said on Friday he did not know why Mr Finn made the comments, but added they were “wrong”.

The posts, which have been deleted, said Mr Trump would either fight off a concerted effort to “improperly” remove him from office, or would succumb, while “exposing the massive corruption underpinning the American political system”.

Mr Davis said party officials would be in touch with Mr Finn about the comments, posted earlier this week.

“My view is they (his comments) are wrong. The election result is very clear and the fact is, there has been a series of terrible events in America … the community is horrified but what they’ve seen,” Mr Davis said.

“We will certainly be talking to him … I certainly disagree with his views.

“People across the community disagree with his view.

“People are allowed to speak, but having said that, it’s incumbent on us to say when we think they’re wrong.”

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