Leann Rimes opens up about her struggle with depression and anxiety

Leann Rimes is opening up about her mental health struggles.

“Growing up in this world is challenging enough, but growing up in the public eye added 100 multiple layers of challenges to the process,” Rimes recently told People magazine.

The country singer, who soared to fame at age 13, recalled checking herself into a facility for anxiety and depression in 2012, when she was 30.

“It’s something I’ve been very vocal about, because I feel like there’s so much stigma around it,” Rimes explained.

In an ongoing effort to normalise conversations about mental health, the 38-year-old recently launched her iHeartRadio podcast, Wholly Human.

Leann Rimes (left) with Piper Perabo (right) in the 2000 film Coyote Ugly. Credit: Getty Images/Getty Images

“I honestly would have never been able to create something like this if it wasn’t for my journey with starting to get help when I was 30 and then my journey from there,” she revealed.

“Life has a funny way of putting us through the wringer in order for us to come out on the other side and help others.”

The show won’t sugarcoat any of Rimes’ experiences.

“Nothings’s left out. It’s not super polished, and it’s going to be messy,” she noted.

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