Jessica Rowe speaks of terrifying escape after car bursts into flames

Jessica Rowe says she “can’t quite believe what happened” after her car dramatically burst into flames during school pick-up.

The television star was driving with her teenage daughter in Sydney’s eastern suburbs on Thursday when the terrifying ordeal unfolded.

Watch Jessica Rowe recount the terrifying incident in the video player above

“We were heading up the hill to pick up my other daughter from school and then the car started really slowing down and all this smoke started pouring out from under the bonnet,” she explained on Sunrise.

“I was in a bit of shock thinking ‘what is actually happening?”

Television presenter Jessica Rowe and her daughter escaped a burning vehicle in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Credit: 7NEWS

Rowe said a hero school bus driver “jumped out of his bus” to flag her down and tell her to immediately escape the burning car.

“We got out of the car and waited in his school bus while he rang the fire brigade and got the other kids off the road,” she recounted.

Videos taken by bystanders and posted to social media show that the car was completely engulfed in flames within minutes.

“His name is Mev and I want to send him all of my love and thanks, he was just extraordinary the way he looked after Allegra and I,” she said of the bus driver.

Jessica Rowe’s Volvo XC 60 following the fire.
Jessica Rowe’s Volvo XC 60 following the fire. Credit: Supplied

It’s not yet known what caused the Volvo XC 60 to explode into flames.

“Obviously the engine overheated,” Rowe said.

The 50-year-old, who is married to newsreader Peter Overton, said her daughter was left “quite upset” by the incident and that her husband was “probably more stressed than I was” after receiving a FaceTime call from the scene.

“Allegra rang him in such a state, so he didn’t actually read the news last night, he left to come home and give Allegra a big hug.”

Jessica Rowe is married to Channel Nine newsreader Peter Overton.
Jessica Rowe is married to Channel Nine newsreader Peter Overton. Credit: Instagram

The mother-of-two said she’s “thankful” she had chosen to wear an acceptable outfit on Thursday, saying “often with school pick-up I’m in my pjyamas and on this particular day I wasn’t.”

Last night Rowe posted about the incident on Instagram and thanked “the kind school bus driver, Mev, who got us out of the car, called the fire brigade, cleared the road and then stayed to drive us home.”

She also thanked the police and paramedics and “the mums & dads who stopped to help”.

“We love you,” she wrote.

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