Humans could walk on Mars before the death of Australia’s pay gap

Humans could walk on Mars before all Australian men and women earn the same money for the same work, a new report on the gender pay gap suggests.

Based on the rate of change over the past seven years, it will be 2047 before there’s full pay parity for all workers in all industries, the report warns.

The news is slightly better news for women in executive positions. They’ll only have to wait about 10 years.

And women in senior managerial roles can hope to be on par with men in 13, says the report by the federal government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) and the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre.

But the big picture across all industries and job levels is far worse.

A worrying level of apathy about Australia’s gender pay gap means it might not close until 2047. Credit: AAP

Without a dramatic increase in the rate of change, the pay gap won’t completely close for another 26 years. That’s roughly a decade after NASA’s stated ambition to land astronauts on the red planet.

WEGA and the economics centre have been tracking the gap for the past seven years.

In that time the total remuneration gender pay gap – which takes into account salaries and all the add-ons like superannuation, bonuses and shift loadings – has fallen from 24.7 per cent to 20.1 per cent.

In simple terms, that means that on average, Australian women now earn one fifth less than men for the same work, instead of a quarter less seven years ago.

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