How you can save big money on your air-conditioning bill this summer

As a sweltering summer approaches, Australian households are already bracing themselves for the electricity bill blowout that running the air-conditioner almost guarantees.

But not any more – new research has revealed the handy hack that could allow you to save big on bills this summer.

Comparison website Finder has found that money can be saved by simply adjusting the thermostat.

The research found that 63 per cent of Aussies use air-con in the hotter months – at the combined cost of a massive $1.9 billion.

According to Finder, the average household sets the thermostat to 22C.

“Yet if these Aussies were to increase their thermostat to the optimal temperature of 24C instead, they could save a cumulative $486 million on summer cooling costs, or $76 per household,” the comparison website said.

Here’s how you can save this summer. Credit: Sac C Wat’hn Buy Thna Thwi Phl //Getty Images/EyeEm

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