Gymnast Max Whitlock sparks controversy over trampoline somersault with daughter

A British gymnast has sparked some controversy online after posting a video of himself somersaulting with his daughter in his arms.

Olympic gold medalist Max Whitlock shared the video above on social media on Tuesday, with the caption: “When my wife isn’t looking lol”.

With his daughter Willow in his arms, Whitlock performs a 360-degree somersault in the air, off a trampoline.

Whitlock appears to have one hand behind Willow’s head during the stunt, with the toddler seemingly happy at her father’s performance.

The video was met with mixed reactions, with some slamming the gymnast for the stunt.

Whitlock’s daughter Willow appeared happy following the stunt. Credit: Max Whitlock/Twitter

“Isn’t this child endangerment,” one person said.

“Not cool….. ask a paediatric accident and emergency nurse,” another added.

“Am I the only one whose heart just skipped a beat watching that,” another person said.

But overwhelmingly, other netizens praised Whitlock’s parenting.

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