Greg Norman photo: Sunrise team reacts to X-rated Instagram image

Golfing legend Greg Norman has left the Sunrise team stunned after posting a very revealing photo to social media.

On Tuesday, the 65-year-old uploaded an image to Instagram of himself walking his dog down a Florida beach wearing board shorts and nothing else.

Watch the Sunrise team discuss the eyebrow raising image above

The post is captioned: “A man and his dog on a Sunday.”

But it was an X-rated feature in Norman’s swimmers that has left the internet buzzing.

The image sparked plenty of cheeky comments when it was shown LIVE on Sunrise during Wednesday’s episode of the Channel 7 breakfast show.

“Shouldn’t we be pixelating parts of that?” Host David Koch asked.

“I don’t know what you mean Kochie, what are you looking at?” newsreader Edwina Bartholomew responded.

“It’s just a photo of Greg Norman and his dog going for a stroll on the beach.”

Samantha Armytage jumped in, saying that “it pays to advertise.”

“It’s a world where you’ve just got to put it all on Instagram.”

“Well, he certainly put it all out there!” Koch added.

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