Gold Coast teacher fighting life-threatening cancer found after suffering bicep injury

What started with an innocuous injury endured while playing with his kids has sparked a life-threatening health battle for a beloved Gold Coast man.

Matthew Fydler, a teacher at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, hurt his bicep while on the monkey bars at a park.

He still felt pain the following day, prompting him to see a doctor who recommended he have an ultrasound.

That uncovered a large mass initially believed to be a hematoma – a collection of blood outside a blood vessel.

“It was growing so fast in his bicep,” Fydler’s wife Amy told

“It went from feeling nothing to being really prominent. So he went back and did a biopsy.”

Gold Coast teacher Matt Fydler and his family. Credit: Supplied

The Fydlers and doctors were shocked when the results came back as rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer which forms in soft tissue. It most commonly occurs in children aged one to five.

Fydler’s treatment was fast-tracked and he underwent five weeks of radiation therapy.

He also had surgery to cut out the bicep muscle.

But more bad news came for the family.

“Within only a couple of months, it had already spread to his lungs,” said Amy.

“He’s got one in his lymph node in that right arm where he lost his bicep.

“He’s got seven tumours in his lungs.

“The doctors were shocked because it went from, ‘it’s a hematoma, it’s nothing’, to, ‘holy s***, what are we going to do?’.”

Fydler’s first lot of chemotherapy, lasting eight weeks, also didn’t provide the desired results.

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