Glenelg Community Hospital nurse narrowly escapes alleged drunk driver’s hit-run crash

A woman has been arrested after hitting a nurse’s car during an alleged joyride while wildly over the limit.

Police say the 35-year-old blew 0.315 after slamming into the vehicle outside Glenelg Community Hospital.

The incident unfolded on Farrell Street just after 3.30pm on Wednesday afternoon.

Nurse Angelina Petraccaro was on duty when she heard the commotion – only to discover it was her car that had been struck.

“I ran out and, sure as eggs, there were people everywhere,” she told 7NEWS.

“It was actually my car that had been hit quite badly.”

Nurse Angelina Petraccaro could have been in her car when the accused drink driver struck. Credit: 7NEWS

The accused drunk driver also allegedly fled the scene, prompting a witness to give chase.

The 35-year-old was arrested nearby.

Petraccaro said, luckily, she was doing a double shift at the time of the accident.

If she wasn’t she would have been leaving for the day and could have been killed.

Petraccaro's car was badly damaged in the crash.
Petraccaro’s car was badly damaged in the crash. Credit: 7NEWS

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