French wine connoisseurs taste a bottle of wine after it was blasted into space

When most of us need to sound smart about wine, we simply tilt the glass a little, take a big sniff, and mumble something about dark fruits.

But a group of French wine connoisseurs have detected a sprinkle of stardust at their latest tasting, after becoming the first people in the world to sample and review wine that spent a year in space.

Experts in Bordeaux analysed the contents of a 2000 bottle of Chateau Petrus Merlot, one of 12 taken to space on a SpaceX capsule in an attempt to explore “new ways of growing plants”.

So, what does cosmic wine taste like?

“I found there was a difference in both color and aromatics and also in taste,” wine writer Jane Anson told CNN Thursday.

Organisers chose a popular 2000 Merlot for the project. Credit: Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images

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