Female MMA fighter weighing 60kg pitted against 240kg YouTuber

A female MMA professional has beaten a man despite giving up nearly 200 kilograms to her opponent in another bizarre episode in the sport’s history.

The scene played out at a strange night of mixed martial arts in Russia.

Just why the main event pitted the 62kg pro Darina Mazdyuk against a 240kg YouTuber in Grigory Chistyakov remains unexplained.

But the exercise did end on a sombre note as Chistyakov explained his motivations to lead a healthier life in the future.

Some of his recent videos showed the man attending MMA training sessions, while he also spent time in hospital this month for an operation.

When the fight got underway Chistyakov went on the attack, pushing Mazdyuk towards the cage and attempting a takedown.

But the bout lasted less than 90 seconds after Mazdyuk dropped Chistyakov, who was unable to defend against a series of head strikes.

“I’m starting to train, and I will try to lead a more healthy lifestyle,” he said.

“I’ll tell you, a man died today – my friend, a blogger. He weighed 190kg. Please Lord, all people, take care of yourself.”

Chistyakov ended the night laying on his back for a second time, giving Mazdyuk one last photo opportunity.

The 28-year-old had thanked her team for their support at her fights.

Darina Mazdyuk defeated 240kg YouTuber in Grigory Chistyakov. Credit: YouTube

Footage of the 90-second bout went viral on social media, leading former UFC fighter Julie Kedzie to wish for more for the pair.

“I hope he does (get healthy) … or at least realises that it’s within his power as a human being to be more than some punchline for cash,” the American wrote.

“I also hope the promoters seek a healthy mental lifestyle and his opponent realises that she can use her drive and skills to fight people of her own calibre.

“(I) hope she keeps going. It takes a certain kind of bravery to fight that last bout, and I sincerely hope it gets funneled into a career that makes her bravery universally applauded.”

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