Facebook users applaud bride vengeful act after mother-in-law buys white dress to wear to wedding

A bride has been applauded for outsmarting her mother-in-law after she bought a white bridal gown to wear to her son’s wedding.

Sharing on Reddit, the bride said her husband-to-be’s mother had always made bizarre demands – such as demanding that her son vacation and even spend Valentine’s Day with her.

But while wedding dress shopping, the woman said she was horrified when her mother-in-law picked out a white gown to wear to her son’s nuptials, claiming it was “her special day too”.

When she didn’t back down, the bride came up with an “ingenious” plan – deciding in secret to wear pink and have her own mother and bridesmaids also wear white so her mother-in-law wouldn’t stand out.

Revealing her story, the bride explained she’d always had a troubled relationship with her mother-in-law.

“My husband is the only child of a divorced mum who has heavily relied on him for emotional support, yard work, chores, anything you would rely on a husband for,” she explained.

The bride decided to wear pink when her mother-in-law announced she’d be wearing a white gown to the their wedding. File image. Credit: Christian Zielecki / EyeEm/Getty Images/EyeEm

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