Facebook user forced to sell ‘haunted wedding dress’ after it possessed her house

A bride-to-be has revealed how she is selling her “haunted wedding dress” after a string of eerie occurrences around her home.

The unidentified US woman said she found the vintage dress in an abandoned old gold rush town while hiking and took it home, determined to wear it to her upcoming nuptials.

But a string of unbelievable events – including moving items, unexplained smells, swarms of flies and flying objects – eventually convinced her that the gown had possessed her home.

Advertising the dress for sale on Facebook for $US600 ($A826), the bride explained the bizarre string of events.

“While my fiance and I were hiking through a small town between Fairfax and Carbanado, Washington, we came across an old gold rush town that was completely abandoned,” she wrote.

“Needless to say our curiosity got the best of us and we started to explore the ruins of this ghost town.

The bride-to-be was selling the gown on Facebook for $US600. Credit: Facebook

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