EXPLAINED: Cold & flu symptoms, remedies, and treatments ahead of this winter’s season in Australia

Winter is here. And so begins cold and flu season.

The days are getting shorter, temperatures are vacillating and the threat of a cold, the flu, seasonal allergies and COVID-19 are all about to mingle.

It’s a lot to contend with, but there are a number of simple things we can do to stay healthy this season.

On top of that, new research has found nearly one third of Australians believe they can’t confidently identify all of the recommended steps to support their body’s immune system in its fight against sickness.

Consumer research platform PureProfile polled over 1000 Australians across the country, with the sample statistically representative of the Australian population, to examine the country’s attitudes and habits when it comes to supporting immune system health.

Winter is here. And so begins cold and flu season. Credit: PixelsEffect/Getty Images

The study found that the majority of Australians (63 per cent) are concerned about their immune system health, and that the vast majority (83 per cent) feel as though they should be doing more to boost their body’s immune defences.

Perhaps surprisingly, nearly one in three Australians (30 per cent) said they lacked confidence in identifying how to best protect their immune system.

“I’ve definitely seen some complacency when it comes to people bolstering their immunity and protecting themselves from cold and flu germs,” Dr Sam Hay told

We’ve put together a guide to make sure you know how to spot your cold and flu symptoms, and how to (+ how NOT to) deal with them.

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