Elle MacPherson raises eyebrows by praising device that cost Pete Evans $25K when he was fined for promoting it

Elle Macpherson has raised eyebrows after promoting a product that disgraced celerity chef Pete Evans falsely claimed could treat coronavirus – earning himself a huge fine as a result.

The 56-year-old supermodel this week posted a photo of the BioCharger NG “subtle energy platform” on her Instagram Stories with the caption “MONDAY MORNING RECHARGE.”

A sign in the background of the image declares “recharge yourself”.

Elle MacPherson posted a photo of the device to her Instagram story. Credit: Instagram

The BioCharger NG claims to be a ‘hybrid subtle energy revitalisation platform” that uses “transmitted energy” to “improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance.”

The device gained notoriety in April when Pete Evans was slapped with a $25,000 fine by the Therapeutic Goods Administration when he said claimed it could treat the “Wuhan virus” with “recipes made from light”.

The device came with a $15,000 price tag.

“Claims that the device could be used in relation to ‘Wuhan coronavirus’ … has no apparent foundation … which the TGA takes extremely seriously,” the TGA said after issuing the fine.

Pete Evans promoted the device during a Facebook LIVE broadcast in April.
Pete Evans promoted the device during a Facebook LIVE broadcast in April. Credit: Facebook

“Any claim that references COVID-19 is a restricted representation under therapeutic goods legislation, and is of significant concern to the TGA given the heightened public concern about the pandemic.”

MacPherson made no reference to why she was using the BioCharger when she shared the post with her 550,000 Instagram followers.

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