Elderly Brisbane man seriously injured after ‘faulty’ Coles trolley loses control on travelator Shine Lawyers claim

An elderly man sustained a broken shoulder and suspected brain injury after a faulty trolley caused him to tumble down a travelator at Coles, his lawyers claim.

Russell Stubbings, 85, says he has also been left emotionally shaken by the incident, and fears it will happen to someone else.

Stubbings was on his weekly grocery shopping trip at Coles in Brisbane suburb Norman Park.

CCTV footage, seen above, shows him falling down the travelator and laying prone on the floor as members of the public rush to his aid.

“That is very confronting,” Stubbings said after being shown the footage for the first time by 7NEWS.

“I mean, I’ve had nightmares about it, to be perfectly honest.

“Someone will get killed one day. It’s very disturbing.”

Stubbings claims the trolley failed to lock into the floor of the travelator, as it would do normally.

CCTV footage shows the moment elderly man Russell Stubbings falls down a travelator at a Brisbane Coles. Credit: Supplied

“The brakes were gone,” he said.

“So it took off.”

After losing his balance, he says he had no way to stop himself from falling.

“There’s no mercy going down that thing, I found out,” he said.

The elderly man was left with serious injuries including a broken shoulder.
The elderly man was left with serious injuries including a broken shoulder. Credit: Supplied

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