Disney’s Minnie Mouse doormat hiding ‘dirty’ detail revealed in TikTok video

A TikTok user has been left in stitches after noticing an explicit detail in a doormat that features two iconic Disney characters.

In a video uploaded to the social media platform, the user said she bought the mat and took it home before noticing a feature that could easily be mistaken for something else.

“Picked up the cutest mat today and I realised when I got home that something was “up” with Minnie,” the user said.

The doormat features Mickey and Minnie Mouse facing each other with a large red heart between them.

After panning the camera over the mat, the user zooms in on Minnie’s skirt, revealing a phallic-shaped detail in the hem of her skirt.

The video has since been viewed thousands of times, with some users saying they can’t “unsee” the hidden feature.

“Didn’t see that coming,” one person said.

“I have the same one and had to run and see for myself. Now I can’t unsee it,” another added.

The x-rated detail in Minnie’s skirt left TikTokers in stitches. Credit: adisneystory/TikTok

“Dirty Disney at it again,” a third person said.

Other users simply reacted with laughing emojis.

The detail may not be noticeable when you first glance over the mat.
The detail may not be noticeable when you first glance over the mat. Credit: adisneystory/TikTok

In response to the video and comments, one other user said: “Y’all need to get your minds out of the gutter”.

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