Cleaning hack for removing mould from showers – with NO scrubbing – goes viral

A mum has shared her VERY simple trick for getting rid of shower mould with no scrubbing or hard work.

Sharing on a popular Facebook group, the DIY cleaning fan revealed how she uses just two simple household items to transform unsightly grout.

The woman said she removed the thick, black mould by simply soaking some cotton wool in bleach and leaving it on the affected area for 12 hours.

“I used cotton wool and bleach and have attached photos of the results – wow!” she wrote on the Cleaning Tips & Tricks page.

After leaving the cotton wool overnight, the grout appears brand new – with no scrubbing or elbow grease at all.

The tip came from a helpful cleaning fan who spotted the easy hack on YouTube, adding that you can use toilet paper instead of cotton wool.

Before an after photos show how the simple trick transformed one shower cubicle. Credit: Facebook

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