Christmas on a budget: how this Aussie mum is doing Christmas for free

From buying presents to organising Christmas lunch, funding the festive season can be financially stressful – but one woman is doing it for free.

Aussie mum Samantha Lee Woods manages to get it done without spending a cent.

Her key lesson is that loyalty pays – if you use reward points accumulated during the year.

Woods has five kids, so Christmas can be an expensive time of year.

The savings-savvy mum from the northern NSW town of Casino is a big fan of Flybuys. Every year she collects points over 12 months and uses the total balance to pay for Christmas.

Christmas doesn’t have to be an expensive holiday/ Credit: pixdeluxe/Getty Images

“It feels amazing being able to go into the shops and fill my trolley with things I want or need for Christmas and be able to walk out of the store without paying a cent,” Woods told Sunrise.

“So far I’ve bought all the kids toys for Christmas, and then in a few weeks, when we approach Christmas, I will do a big grocery shop; and then all the prawns and the trimmings for Christmas lunch,” she said.

Reaping the rewards

It may sound too good to be true, but Woods said it could be done with the right tactics.

The most important thing is to avoid chasing the points and instead match your strategy to your regular spending.

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