Christmas lights purchased by Adelaide family prompts warning after devastating blaze

Firefighters have issued an urgent safety warning ahead of the festive season over gifts bought online from overseas.

An Adelaide family-of-six narrowly escaped tragedy when a tiny adaptor which powered a strip of LED lights burst into flames.

Ellen Noble, her partner and their four children were out helping a friend move house when they received the phone call that changed their lives.

A massive blaze had engulfed their Ingle Farm home, sparked by the Christmas display.

The lights weren’t turned on but the adaptor overheated and dropped onto a pile of soft toys.

Ellen Noble’s home was destroyed when a Christmas light display turned terrifying. Credit: 7NEWS

Within minutes, the house was alight.

The LED display was bought from an international site and didn’t meet Australian standards – something the Metropolitan Fire Service said was all-too common with decorations purchased online.

The Noble family’s home suffered $100,000 damage in the blaze, with dozens of sentimental items destroyed.

While the family is insured, it will be months before their home is repaired.

The blaze caused almost $100,000 in damage.
The blaze caused almost $100,000 in damage. Credit: 7NEWS

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