Centrelink $250 payment to millions of Aussies

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2021, aside from the fact it’s no longer 2020.

5.1 million Australians will be eligible for a $250 payment.

Among them are pensioners and self-funded retirees, as well as people living with disabilities, their carers and low-income families.

Australians receiving Family Tax Benefit payments or the Double Orphan Pension and those who have a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card are eligible.

Services Australia said the cutoff date for Australians to lock in their eligibility – by demonstrating eligibility for the support payments or Seniors Health Card – is February 26, 2021.

The payments will start being dished out next March.

$250 payment for 5.1 million Aussies in early 2021 Credit: Jennifer A Smith/Getty Images

“We can now deliver more practical support to older Australians, families and young people through these targeted, temporary initiatives in our social security system,” Minister for Families and Social Services Anne Ruston said after the payment was announced.

The payments are set to support more than 2.5 million Age Pensioners, about 400,000 self-funded retirees with a more than 1 million people with disabilities and carers, and 760,000 low-income families.

National Seniors Australia has advised self-funded retirees to check their eligibility for the handout too.

Payments will be automatically paid into eligible Australians’ bank accounts.

$250 payment for 5.1 million Aussies in early 2021
$250 payment for 5.1 million Aussies in early 2021 Credit: Images by Ni-ree/Getty Images

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