Bunnings shopper shares ‘sexist’ find at store toilets in new TikTok

An Australian mother has shared a “sexist” find while shopping at her local Bunnings store.

Posting on TikTok, mum Madi pointed out that the “Parent Room” had been included in the same room as the women’s toilet – as opposed to the men’s toilet.

Watch the mum’s ‘sexist’ Bunnings find above

Footage shared by the shopper shows her pointing out that there’s an “Accessible Toilet” for people with a disability, as well as a “Male Toilet” and “Female Toilet”.

But a closer look at the ladies amenities showed that a sign for the “Parent Room” – with nappy-changing facilities – had also been placed on the door.

The shopper said made the observation at her local Bunnings. Credit: @madi-richardson/TikTok

“Apparently Bunnings thinks men don’t change babies,” wrote Madi in the caption with her post, adding the hashtags “#sexism #dadsoftiktok #dadschangenappiestoo”. understands that most Bunnings stores have its nappy-changing facilities in a gender-neutral toilet area.

The mum pointed out that the ‘Parent Room’ was in the same room as the ‘Female Toilet’.
The mum pointed out that the ‘Parent Room’ was in the same room as the ‘Female Toilet’. Credit: @madi.richardson/TikTok

Madi’s observation followed a previous post by TikTok user who asked people to share “some things you’ve noticed that are blatantly sexist but are so normalised within society”.

The mum responded by saying “When the baby change table is only in the women’s toilet” in some restaurants and stores.

She followed up with another TikTok, pointing out that the “Parent Room” was included in the ladies room at her local Bunnings.

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