Brisbane man diagnosed with stage-4 melanoma after developing severe back pain

Kyle Walker was such in “excruciating” pain in his back, he could barely move.

Although painkillers did next to nothing to provide relief, the Brisbane resident “pushed through” for eight more days.

Finally, the pain proved too much and he took himself to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital emergency department on January 11 this year.

“They gave me a muscle relaxant injection thinking it was most likely just a severe muscle strain and advised me to see my GP the following day,” Walker told

“I went to my GP who then suggested an MRI of my spine.”

The MRI indicated he had a possible spine infection.

Diagnosis revealed

Over the course of the next 10 days, the reason for Walker’s pain remained a mystery until the results of scans on his internal organs were returned.

“From the ultrasound of my liver they identified three lesions and then informed me that cancer was now a major concern,” he said.

“They sent me then for a CT scan where they identified lesions on my lung, adrenal gland and pelvis.

Kyle Walker has been receiving treatment for his illness after being diagnosed on January 21. Credit: Supplied

“I then went for a liver biopsy that week and it was determined one of the tumours on my liver was melanoma.”

Walker has a stage-4 melanoma at the age of 30.

He says doctors had initially deemed cancer low on the list of possible diagnoses.

He started immunotherapy on February 18.

Brisbane resident Kyle Walker and his mother Karen.
Brisbane resident Kyle Walker and his mother Karen. Credit: Facebook/Supplied

“So far, we are unsure of the treatment effectiveness as it can take up to three months to see results,” he said.

“I went for five days of radiation therapy to help reduce the tumours and allow me to live a life without the severe back pain I am experiencing, and this should take up to a month to start feeling the results.”

He had only returned to Brisbane 10 months ago after five years of living overseas, describing the situation as “life changing and crushing”.

“It honestly is comparable to having your legs cut off right underneath you,” he said.

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